The Lemon Orchard by Alex La Guma

The Lemon Orchard by Alex La Guma is a beautiful story set in South Africa when there was an apartheid going on. It’s very interesting how the author sets the scene of a group of men leading their hostage to somewhere hidden to torture him in the lemon orchard. He uses many different literacy techniques such as syntax, symbols, personifications and more to describe the character. I really like the way the author uses nature to convey different moods and give us a thought about what will happen because it’s very interesting how he use something other than a person to describe what is happening.

To be honest, when I first read this I didn’t really understand what it was about and especially how it ended, but reading it thoroughly second time with the whole class analysing each paragraph made me understand how beautiful this story was. When reading this or analysing, you should think about the way each character speaks and acts because by this way you can understand what kind of character it is. Also, think about how the nature is describe through the story. How is nature taking a big impact on the story? What relation does it have with the main character? And how does this affect the ending? Overall, I think this is a wonderful short story if you want to read something more in dept and challenging to understand.


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