Animal Farm: The End

I’ve finally finished reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. Yay! Now I could start reading my next book! But before that, I’ll quickly summarise  Animal Farm.

The story sets off at a ordinary farm in England called the ‘Manor farm’.

The main/ important characters are the following:

  • Mr Jones (the farmer)
  • Napoleon (the ‘leader’ boar that eventually leads the whole farm to corruption. Represents Stalin)
  • Snowball (can be represented as Trotsky. Always disagreed in debates with Napoleon.)
  • Boxer (most hardworking/ loyal worker but not much of a thinker – he always thinks Napoleon is right)
  • Squealer (the pig that always seem to convince the animals in the end. Basically, he’s really good at persuasion)
  • Old Major (mostly important at the ‘start’ of the whole story; he’s the one that gave them the idea of Animalism and the rebellion against the ‘evil’ humans.)

Animal Farm is an allegory that revolves around the theme of evil and corruption in a totalitarian government as they gain more power. It’s really interesting how the pigs (government) gets corrupted over time and eventually they are no different from the humans themselves (which is shown clearly in the ending). Animal Farm is a pretty short book, but it contains a lot of deep meaning.

My favourite part was the ending:



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