The Lovely Bones: My thoughts so far…

So far I’ve read till chapter 13 and the story of Susie Salmon seems to get even more intriguing after her death. I didn’t think it would, but the Lovely Bones actually covers a lot to do with teenagers such as their  ‘growing-up’ issues, love and relationship. The part that disturbed me the most was when Susie was raped by her neighbour, Mr. Harvey and the thing is that Mr. Harvey was portrayed as an humble middle-aged old man!… which is actually his cover. He was pretending to be a friendly neighbourhood man, but inside he was a murderer with dark intentions.

This art reminds me of a person with dark intention...Mr. Harvey!

This art reminds me of a person with dark intention..     …..Mr. Harvey!

I’ve begun to loathe Mr. Harvey’s character after reading past a few chapters and I felt Susie’s frustration at the fact that he wasn’t suspected, at all.  The only so far/ one who suspected him was Susie’s father. Her sister supports her father, but she wasn’t wholly supporting Mr. Harvey being the culprit.


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