Memoir of a Geisha: Afterthought

I just recently watched Memoir of a Geisha and I quite enjoyed the movie (although I was irritated at times).


Memoir of a Geisha is originally a historic fiction book by Arthur Golden and was later adapted into a movie in 2005. The main character is Chiyo, a poor girl who lived with a sister and her father (mother deceased) in the countryside. They lived in poverty and hardship, thus they were later sold by their own father. They were taken to a place that was bustling with life (something like a town). They were forcefully separated by their seller as they were sold to different districts. Chiyo tries many time to escape with her sister, but fails to do so and is left behind. To her at that moment, she is lost and doesn’t know what to do, but then she encounters a man that changes her life from that point of a household maid to the most popular geisha in the district.


I really liked the story and the beautiful setting shown in the movie. I was really glad in the end that she was able to find true happiness after so much hardship.

I felt this quote was very fitting for this book: “I had to wonder if men were so blinded by beauty that they would feel privileged to live their lives with an actual demon, so long as it was a beautiful demon.” – Memoir of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.


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