I feel the need to read


Currently, I’m reading a book called The Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb and I’m starting to like the book after quite a few chapters. The story focuses on a boy called Fitz, who is the assassin’s apprentice and also the nar. Immediately, the book really interested me and I wondered, “So what’s his story and what would it be like to be an assassin?”. This might sound like a pretty weird question because it’s pretty obvious what an assassin would do. But, when I started to read the book I realised that there was more to his story than what I thought it would be. 

In the beginning, Fitz actually doesn’t have a name. He’s just called, “Boy”. It was his mother who unwillingly gave him away to a member of the royal family, Regal. Fitz isn’t actually an ordinary boy, but he’s the bastard son of Chivalry. In the beginning, he is taken care of by Burrich, who is the loyal stableman of Chivalry, but later on he lives in Buckeep castle as he trains to become an assassin by Chade (Fitz master who teaches him assassination).

Although, I feel that the beginning is too slow paced, I’m starting to enjoy the book. Fitz finally becomes the assassin’s apprentice after a lot of chapters so don’t expect the story to go straight into his life as an assassin because it takes a while to get there. I’ll be making a separate post when Fitz became the assassin because it was a moment I was waiting for and I really liked how the writer wrote that part.


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