I’m the King of the Castle by Susan Hill: The Hoopers


I’m the King of the Castle by Susan Hill is a new book that we have decided to read in class. To me, the title of this book sounds very nostalgic to me. It was during my summer holiday when me and my family went to a vacation. A kid was shouting, “I’M THE KING OF THE CASTLE! AND YOUR THE DIRTY RASCAL!”, to another kid. I didn’t understand what they meant by that, so I quickly dismissed it, thinking that they were simply playing one of those role playing game. But now that I’m starting to read a book with a title like that, I think I’ll be able to find out what they meant.

The beginning of the novel started out in a really gloomy mood. Edmund Hooper, one of the main characters in this book, had lost his grandmother and now his grandfather was passing away soon. From the start, after reading the first few lines, I knew something was going to happened and to me it felt like a foreshadowing. I’ve also realised that Edmund did not feel too concerned that his grandfather had died because he wasn’t that close to him.

Edmund and his father (Joseph Hooper) were moving to Warings, which is a very dark and sombre mansion that is left in their possession, but Edmund didn’t want to go there. The impression Edmund left of me after a few pages was that he was a difficult child. He doesn’t seemed like a child who would willingly follow or obey their parents (not that this is entirely bad because it means that they’re somewhat independent), but if he was told forcefully to do so then he would reluctantly do so in the end. I felt troubled by his character because Edmund is probably not one of the nicest characters I’ve met in a book so far. It’s almost like he’s brewing some kind of trouble for Charles Kingshaw (a poor child who’s going to suffer from Edmund’s bullying in the next chapter or something like that, but I won’t be saying much of him in this post because I want to base this post only from chapter 1). Also, his relationship with his father wasn’t that great either because his father would often seem to worry that Edmund did not feel close to him. I personally felt that his father was a good person. On the other hand, maybe his mother was different because his father believes that Edmund seemed more like his wife (who passed away).