I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga


I decided to read a different genre and I came across this book when I was at the thriller/ mystery section of the bookstore. What caught my attention in I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga was the main protagonist, Jasper Dent, who is the son of a (fictional) notorious serial killer known as Billy Dent. I thought it would be very interesting how the author would have wrote about the life of a serial killer’s son. Also, since the story is in Jasper’s viewpoint it makes the story interesting. After reading this book, I am pretty sure this book would fit perfectly in the psychological genre section because there is a lot of internal conflict/ struggle that Jasper deals with throughout the story as he extremely dislikes his father and he fears that “like father like son”, he will also become a killer.

Prior the story starts, Billy Dent is caught by the police and Jasper begins to live with his grandmother because he does not have a mother (whom he believes she was murdered by his father).

The story starts off at a peaceful town (where Jasper lives) where a corpse of a woman is found at a field. Her death marks the first victim of the serial killer who calls himself the “Impressionist” and Jasper tries to catch the killer. Although he tries to convince the police for him to assist them, G. William (an officer he knows well) refuses because he is only 17 years old.

There are a lot of interesting elements/ concepts that the author included in this book so it has recently become one of my favourite. I have actually read the translated version (in my native language) because I thought that I should try to improve the vocabulary of my native language while reading the book. There were some parts that I found hard to grasp because of that; nevertheless I raced through the entire book in a couple of days. This book is the first of a series so I have started reading the next! This time in English because I can’t find the translated version here, but I’m hoping that the next book will be just as or even better than the first!