Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

Hew! Came back from a really long holiday away from home a few days ago, so I’ve decided that I should quickly get started blogging about the books I have read overseas in the past few weeks.


Here is Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. Strange events takes place in Florida when a well-known American pancake restaurant, Mother Paula’s,  is about to begin their construction of their future restaurant, like alligators in toilet pots, a black spray painted car window, the disappearance of bulldozer seats and more. Although the police and the company tries to catch the one behind these events that caused the delay of the construction. 

I picked this book up when I was also looking for a thriller genre book (I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga) in the bookshop and I think it was an interesting story. At first, I didn’t really realise how the title of this book “Hoot” had any connection with these strange events, but now it really does make sense after the discovery of the burrowing owls.


You won’t find out about their existence/ importance in this story until you read up to a certain point of the book (around halfway?). 

I liked how Roy Eberhardt, who is the main character of this story, isn’t really your typical schoolboy who likes to play video games and do things what boys of that age would do. An example would be that he extremely likes to read books and he seems to be a very mature and intelligent boy at his age. However, I wouldn’t call him a nerd because of these characteristics, as he also has a courageous streak in his character.

In this book, the story tells us about the important issues of the natural environment that is being threatened by modern constructions of buildings. I was curious in how (Roy and his friends) would handle the situation because they would not have much power over the construction site as the company did. In my opinion, I did not exactly feel excited or it wasn’t much of a page turner, but I felt it certainly did have an interesting plot line (I especially enjoyed the strange events that took place at the beginning because it made me really puzzled).