My Reading Reflection: Since August

What did you read (genre)?

I’ve read: I Hunt Killers, Hoot, The Night Circus, I’m the King of the Castle, The Wasp Factory, Mark of Athena and House of Hades. Genres are thriller, adventure, action, mystery, romance, realistic fiction, fantasy and psychological.

What did you love?  

There is a lot of things I love in the books I have read so far, such as the enchanting and breathtaking descriptions of sceneries conjured by illusion/ magic in The Night Circus (especially the Ice Garden, Cloud Maze and the Wishing Tree). The thrill behind the fact that the main protagonist of I Hunt Killers is a son of a notorious serial killer and the dark psychological conflict in his mind where he is simply afraid that he will become like his father.

When and where did you get most of your reading done? 

Usually I read whenever I have the time to, which is almost anytime as long as I could relax and have no homework or tests to worry about. I usually read in my home, but sometimes if I find a really great book, I take it everywhere.

Are you growing as a reader? Explain. 

I believe that I’m growing as a reader because I’ve started to look for books/novels/series that contain a more mature understanding/ topic with more complex plots. I also think that my reading skills have improved as I’m able to read more quickly.

Estimate your growth in stamina. How long can you read at once? Has this changed this quarter?

I can actually read an entire book in a day, although this certain book must be a page turner in order for me to fulfill that. Otherwise I can read for hours, though this also depend on how riveting I find the book. I’m not too sure whether this has changed yet.

How do you plan to challenge yourself during quarter 2?

By reading books that require more complex vocabulary so that I can keep checking the dictionary and keep learning them.

What is your goal for the total number of books you can read this semester? This school year?

Maybe 3-4 books this semester? I would try 7-10 books for this school year (which includes the books I read before).

What have you learnt about yourself as a reader this quarter?

I learnt that I’m quite a greedy reader when it comes to reading books that I find thrilling.