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Glass Art!

Glass artists use a variety of techniques to form and mold the glass into  breathtaking  shapes to create these glass art. Some of them are: glass blowing (blowing air in by using a blowpipe and then to shape it with different tools), hot sculpting (shaped with tools to form a sculpture) and cold working (working on glass in their “frozen state”)..etc.


Glass Blowing (Merriam)


Hot sculpting 



Other glass sculptures





3D Street Art!


Your standing a few distance away from a cliff. Is it real? In the middle of the street? That’s when you realize after taking a tentative step towards the drop of the cliff, clenching your eyes and find yourself standing (as if floating) in the open gap between the cliffs. That’s 3D street art. It looks realistic but it’s actually a painting.

It looks really amazing and it uses optical/ visual illusions to make the art seem real. I haven’t actually seen one myself ( in real life), but these are some of my favourites:)

Moscow, Russia


Lodz, Poland


Montevideo, Uruguay


Altered Matchbox

This is a very creative and crafty art that you can make by yourself easily. It’s also very fun to make because you can do all sorts of designs to it. The main object you need is a matchbox. It can be any kind of matchbox because you’d probably cover it up with paint and such.

Before making it, you might want to consider the theme. It could be you, music, colours, Alice in Wonderland…etc!  From the themes you might also think about the different types of materials you might want to use like acrylic paint, buttons, ribbon, wood (like sticks to give it an organic feeling?) and more to highlight the theme.

Here are some examples of altered matchboxes with different styles/ idea:




Describing yourself/ idea.

altered matchbox around the world 2                Matchbox front

Creative!  (and maybe vintage?)

PS: When you make these you should let your imagination run wild! If you want to look for more examples, you should see the altered matchbox images in pinterest because there are so many beautiful examples.

Interesting Arts Around the World

I'll be posting pictures of interesting arts around the world. Feel free to suggest anymore for me too post or check out! 

My favourite quote on ART: “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~Auguste Rodin
More art quotes in:

Some examples...
Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain by David Černý

Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain by David Černý

Nomade by Jaume Piensa

Nomade by Jaume Piensa

I'm not sure which artist is...

I’m not sure which artist is…

Photography in art

Photography in art

Everything is…